Health & Wellness

 A feeling, an experience of unhealth is termed as illness. This illness can be physical or psychological. As per the recent scenario, the health-related issues have gradually increased, be it physical or psychological health issues.

 People are undergoing a condition that causes serious disorder in a person's behavior or thinking. A condition that is affecting not only the physical health of the being but also mental health. This situation is termed as mental illness.

 Mental illnesses can be explained as not being at ease mentally due to the existing environment, health conditions, or some other invisible source that doesn’t affect the body but the mind. 

Wellness is the act of practicing healthy habits, healthy discussions on a daily basis can be practiced to cope up with this serious issue that the youth is facing. 

1 out of 3 of the youth is having issues related to their mental well being be it be due to academics, career choices, and most commonly due to unhealthy relationships. some times the mental illness forces people to end their life as well leaving nothing behind but why???

 All this can be curbed up just by spending time and energy at a positive place with positive people. There are some things everyone can do. Following are some tips to get started 

1.Sleep and rest: Sleep affects our physical and mental health but can be the first thing we trade-in when we get busy or stressed

2. Get involved and join in: Being part of a group with common interests provides a sense of belonging so find out about sports, music, volunteer, or community groups locally. 

3. Build your confidence

4. Reach out for help when you need it: talking to the people about your feelings and emotions.


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